From The World and Everything In It

It is unknown how the Creator actually, well, did the act of creation. Many stories abound and every culture on the planet feels it has the right answer. Of course, none of them are accurate tellings, and few indeed even come nigh. The Daine of the Uttermost West have an answer that comes pretty close to the truth. They believe that just prior to this reality taking shape, the Creator conceived of four word-symbols simultaneaously; the act of uttering these words brought the whole place into Being.

According to tradition, these words were:

  • 'URYO, the unshapen writhing in the Deep
  • SSAMYO, in the blackness before light and dark
  • AIYO, the first word is uttered
  • KSSILIYO, creation springs forth like a mountain stream

And then it came into being with one further word:

  • AKHIIYAM!, be!

The Teor aver that the World was brought into being through the medium of song; this is almost certainly true, as the song of the Creator continues to reverberate throughout all of creation. Those who have ears to hear. . .

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