From The World and Everything In It

A faerie, as opposed to a fairy, which is a kind of magical being, is a place, an other world, in some ways out at the edge of our existence, in others, right inside our own minds and hearts. One may enter as a kind of alternative to the reality of the primary world: it is a place of wonder and adventure, filled with many strange people and queer beasts; it is boundless and ever around the next bend or over the next line of hills lie yet more lands unexplored. It is a place both of magic and that is magic; not sleight of hand chicanery, but the deep magic of love and creation.

It is always enticing and perilous in equal parts to enter Faerie, because you just never know what you'll find there. The sheer beauty and wonder of it all can entice and entrance. Be that as it may, Faerie is a needful respite from the mundane horrors and orckish mechanicalism of the primary world. Yet care must also be taken not to pry too deeply or peer behind curtains unbidden; for the keys to Faerie are easily lost, and the road once frequently travelled may disappear.

As a manifestation of the Land of Faerie, The World fulfills that need of a place Elsewhere; a place of wonder and enchantment, of adventure and questing. Hopefully, as you wander the articles of this work, you too might become enchanted and seek to wander along that path that leads to wonders!

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