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Someone once asked what is Gea, anyway?

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Who is really the more pertinent question here... Generally speaking, Gea is the fourth planet from the local Sun, a smallish yellow star called by some Sawel and by others Sharro, who herself is an ordinary star inhabiting the quiet outer reaches of a relatively nondescript spiral galaxy. She is but one of several inhabited worlds in this particular corner of the cosmos.

But a planet isn't just a rock in space lazily dancing about its parent star. It is not well known, apart from the Wise at any rate, who keep track of these sorts of things, that Gea is the abode and physical body of one of the Star People, Yeola, the daughter of Varen, who along with her siblings settled this region of All That Is and made for themselves tidy little homes out of the chaotic matter floating about the place.

But for all practical purposes, the peoples of these worlds don't know this and Gea is just a many-layered sphere of earth and water and air that revolves around the Sun.

Gea, or Yeola is now alone in her sojourns through the deeps of the cosmos. Indeed, she travels ever with her twin sister, Camay, and the two worlds are very much alike.

Long ages ago there was a star, a whopping huge red thing, and around it a planet. Long before that, the people that lived there were much like you and me: they drank the water of cold springs and ran upon the grass with outstretched wings in the Sun of a new morning.

But eventually they grew up. As the Sun grew and aged, their bodies changed into new forms. They shed the need for running on the grass or drinking from cold springs; and as they grew up, they grew out, leaving the planet where their ancestors first awoke under a young Sun.

And a good thing, too, because that hoary old Sun eventually swallowed her planet, leaving people with no home to return to.

And when they left, they found that Everything was, well, quite dusty. And dark.

One time, the queen had a thought, a dream vision, really, welling up as if from some distant and forgotten past, and she began to sweep. She sang as she swept the dust. Her sisters and brothers thought it a kind of dance and they wandered until they found places they liked and they too began to sing and sweep.

Eventually, all those piles of dust began to sweep themselves into ever bigger piles, and even the children thought it was good fun, as they rode about on the huge plates of spinning dust. And they delighted in how the middle of each plate where their mothers had been sweeping, began to glow with every colour imaginable. And they too began to sing and sweep...

According to this ancient mythology, Gea and her twin and all the planets and Sawel their maternal star and all the other stars in the sky are the result of this sweeping up of dust. But what about the Starfolk, the mother and her children?

Well, deep in the very heart of Gea is a swirling hot ocean of iron and it is said that deeper still is the home of of Yeola, who swept up the dust that would become Gea; and Camay is her twin and Varen is their mother whose sweeping set alight a new Sun in the dark heaven.

Gea is indeed spherical, and if you pulled up into orbit the planet would appear like any other Class M world (class "M", I guess, for "mundane"). But travel below the surface and differences begin to appear. For Gea is a veritable tiramisu of layered and embedded worlds and realms.

The richness of the Underworld realms is discovered first. Not just caves and dragon fossils, but whole geode-like pocket realms. Encased ecosystems, each with their own sunlet, their own sky and earth, lands and waters, people & beasts. How they got there is anyone's guess; why they're there is a matter of conjecture at this point.

Deeper still and you come through to the very Pillars of the World. Beyond the basement layers of the crustal rock is a world of viscous rock and within this world are mighty Beings of inconceivable size and power. They it is who hold up the fragile continents and seas above. Their dance is slow and shuffling, and those on the surface live entirely unaware of their movements. Unless the Beings become agitated or cross. Then they might like to shake things up a bit, and then their stirrings are well known to those up above! Or perhaps they'll take to sulking and let drop the mighty Pillars altogether, and then it is broad & ancient lands sink beneath the embrace of Ocean.

Leaving their realm, we pass rapidly through highly compressed rock until at last we discover a fissure and enter into an entirely alien world, that of the Uttermost Deeps! Down here all is glowing metal --- iron and nickel and boy is it warm down here! Enough to toast Lucifer's very toes! The creatures here are utterly unaware of anything at all beyond the solid Interface. Gea down here in the Deep is an ocean of liquid metal hurricanes & currents driven by the magnetic, thaumic and electric flows of energy-winds blowing up with gale force from the solid Core below.

While the surface of the Core is known, that which lies below has never been penetrated by any creature of the upper worlds. It is thought to be the home of a Person, none other than Yeola herself! What that home is like and what Yeola is like, none can know. Some say she inhabits a zone of tranquility deep within, while the World above her spins round and round. There she rests, perhaps dreaming dreams of cold springs and running upon grass with wings outstretched in the new morning.

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